The Reg Parker Memorial Fund

Please join Mackenzie, Thomas and I as we celebrate the life of Reg Parker on Thursday, May 18, 2017, from 3:00 to 8:00 pm at Holy Angels Church, 61 Jutland Drive, Etobicoke.  

In the days since Reg’s death, we have received an outpouring of wonderful messages from people who knew him. Without exception, people have remarked on the courage and determination that Reg showed throughout his life, and in particular during recent years as his health deteriorated.

Those who know Reg well also know that he was among the very few people who have experienced the full spectrum of the transfusion and transplantation system in Canada. Over the years Reg received whole blood, plasma, platelets and organs, and along the way he became a tireless and active spokesperson for blood donation and organ transplantation. 

In March 2015, Reg worked with Canadian Blood Services to organize a blood drive that collected 92 units of blood to celebrate the first anniversary of the new lungs and liver he’d received the year before. As he approached his third transplant anniversary, Reg began work on another donor clinic which he hoped would be even more successful. Sadly, that work was put on hold when Reg was hospitalized in late February. 

This month, prior to his death, Reg asked me to continue his work. In lieu of a funeral, he asked that we host another blood donor drive in his honour. 

Reg was never typical, and this celebration of life will reflect that. Formal dress is not necessary, as this is a celebration, and we’ll be literally rolling up our sleeves for Reg. Blood donation is not required, either—please feel absolutely free to come regardless of whether you are able to donate. The doors are open to everyone at this event, whether they knew Reg or not.

Right to the end, Reg was determined to raise awareness of the importance of blood and organ donation and to give back to the system that allowed him to live his life. I hope that you’ll join us in honouring both Reg’s memory and his mission by attending this celebration of life. Further details are below.

Much love,

Cate, Mackenzie, and Thomas


Celebration and Donation Details 

We are pleased to work in partnership with two of the organization that were very near and dear to Reg’s heart:

1) Canadian Blood Services will be hosting a blood donor clinic in Reg’s honour which will coincide with his celebration of life on Thursday, May 18, 2017, from 3:00 to 8:00 pm at Holy Angels Church, 61 Jutland Drive, Etobicoke.   

If you are interesting in donating blood in Reg’s name, you are encouraged to pre-register for the clinic at[date]=2017-05-18&end_date[date]=2017-05-18&op=Find%20Clinics&reschedule=&searchLat=43.6204946&searchLng=-79.5131983&usejs=true

2) The Toronto General Hospital Foundation is pleased to accept donations in Reg’s name which will be put towards improving the experience of transplant patients.

We are grateful for all donations.

You may prefer to make yours as follows:

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By mail please make cheque payable to Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation:

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By phone please call Rocio Illera at 416-340-4430, or toll-free at 1-877-846-4483.

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