The McEwen Centre for
Regenerative Medicine Campaign

The McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine is harnessing the tremendous potential of stem cells and regenerative medicine to accelerate the development of new treatments for heart disease, diabetes, blood disorders, arthritis, lung disease and spinal cord injury.

We create projects with defined timeframes and outcomes. Once these projects are created, you have the ability to support them directly. Through this model, we are able to channel funds right to the research areas that matter most to the people in our community. These funds, in turn, give our scientists the resources they need to make breakthroughs faster.

Help us accelerate these discoveries. Join our campaign to raise $100 million so we can get cures to patients faster.

For more information about our campaign, please contact:

Teca Mussio
Principal Gift Manager
T: 416-340-4800 Ext. 5734

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