The Brain Campaign

The brain is our most complex and least understood organ in the body.

One in three Canadians can expect to suffer a brain or vision disease.  We know little about the causes or triggers of brain or vision diseases.  It is a situation that cries out for research and response.

This is the mission of UHN’s Krembil Brain Institute.

The Brain Campaign is raising over $250 million to give our scientists the tools, facilities and equipment to collaborate and create the synergies that will lead to more world firsts in research, patient care and cures across the spectrum of diseases linked to the brain.

Help us unravel the mysteries of the brain by supporting our scientists with the tools they need to continue their world-first discoveries.

For more information on the Brain Campaign, contact:

Janet Turner
Campaign Director, Brain Campaign
Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation
T: 416-603-6438

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