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Toronto is recognized worldwide as the birthplace of the specialty of thoracic surgery. For more than 75 years, the Thoracic Surgery Division at Toronto General Hospital has been at the forefront of the field.
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Why Give To The Bill Cameron Esophageal Cancer Fund at TGH?

Toronto General Hospital is home to the largest esophageal cancer program in Canada. This program is built around a multidisciplinary team of the best health professionals: surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, nurses, and scientists. Their goal is to collaborate and discover innovative treatments that will have the best outcomes for patients suffering from esophageal cancer.

As part of University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital share knowledge, benefit from a research synergy to provide the best cancer care in North America.

Our esophageal cancer specialists are pioneering the latest treatments in surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. We have been involved in landmark trials on the important effects of these treatments on quality of life of our patients.

Our program is one of the leading among cancer centres in North America developing the most effective treatments for esophageal cancer.

We are developing a comprehensive support program for patients with esophageal cancer that includes patient support groups, nutritional counselling, and patient education.

Our team is also investigating new approaches to early detection and premalignant disease, using the latest endoscopic techniques and surgical therapies.

Our basic researchers continue to study tumour tissue at the molecular level to find out how these cancer cells develop and how best to treat them and stop the progression of the disease.

Your support will give us the means to continue our trials, attract and retain the best medical talent and provide us with the latest technology.

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