Peter and Melanie Munk 'in a heart beat'

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre is recognized today as the best in Canada and known beyond our borders for its innovative research, passion for excellence and exceptional patient care. It was less than two decades ago that Peter and Melanie Munk made the lead $5 million gift to UHN's Cardiac Centre Campaign to launch the aspirational vision that got us here.

Since 1993, the Munks have donated more than $40 million as the Centre has continued to make progress, pioneer and establish breakthroughs in cardiac health care.

The Munks' generosity kick started fundraising success with every campaign surpassing its goal and their continued involvement helped leverage support from other likeminded individuals, foundations, the private sector and government such as the Ontario Ministry of Health.

In 2001 for example, UHN launched the Together We Make Life Better campaign. Peter and Melanie served as Honorary Co-Chairs of the Heart and Circulation effort, which had a goal of $100 million and pulled in more than $107 million. In 2010, Peter and Melanie were instrumental in establishing the Peter Munk Medical Imaging Centre, which will change the way cardiac conditions are identified and treated.

"Given the care that my grandfather, father, uncle and I have all received here, it didn't take much more than a heart beat for Melanie and I to support UHN and encourage others to give to this world-class facility," said Peter Munk. He added that "one of the greatest pleasures I receive today are letters and phone calls from patients and their families about the excellence of care received at the Centre. We will carry on with our support."